Our Mission 
Walt Disney, a school committed to each child, will guarantee all students a world-class education through diverse and innovative learning experiences while developing the character traits necessary for personal success and responsible citizenship in a global society by providing an engaging learning partnership with students, staff, home, and community. 
  • Objectives

      All students will meet or exceed district and state standards; the achievement gap between subgroups will decrease annually; and overall performance on district and state assessments will increase annually.

  •   Each student will set and achieve challenging educational and career goals tailored to his/her abilities, interests and aspirations.

  •   The percentage of students performing at high levels on measures of national educational excellence will increase annually.

  •   All students will develop and consistently demonstrate character traits and positive behaviors necessary for personal excellence and responsible citizenship; the percentage of students engaging in negative social behaviors will decrease annually. 


  1. Strategies & Specific Results

    Strategy 1: We will develop and implement plans to increase student achievement in order to prepare students to be college and career ready.

    •   Increase student achievement in the area of mathematics by building college and career ready skills.

    •   Enrich student writing by implementing school wide strategies to achieve success.

    •   Create, organize and implement materials to help support teachers in increasing student achievement in the area of literacy.

    •   We will research and develop a proposal to offer a Mini-Magnet Program.
      Strategy 2: We will develop and implement plans to increase engagement to enhance the programs in our

      school community.

       Restructure the Disney curriculum night experience.
       Organize diverse learning opportunities for students to build engagement.
       Maximize the engagement and participation of our Disney staff and community.

      Strategy 3: We will implement programs in cooperation with families and community that develop the character traits that reflect positive social behavior and responsible citizenship.

    •   Effectively implement our school-wide positive behavior program.

    •   Develop a school-wide process to implement the Millard Public Schools’ character traits and the

      college and career readiness skills.

    •   Establish a prevention plan to encourage a caring environment and reduce the incidences of bullying.